Following a five song

solo EP back in June

and a collaborative split single

back in May, artist Jim Swim

returns to the spotlight

with the single "Pray"

alongside ADE,

whose impressive debut

EP Blk Boi Joy 

came out earlier this year. 

The spiritual song

is electrified, enlightening,

and meditative.

Like a church hymn

mixed with blissful poetics.

Like reflecting

on past errors

and extinguishing inner demons.

The back-and-forth

collaboration hones in on

insightful raps,

falsetto hooks,

and a body high beat

that completes

the pristine formula.

“Pray" is a strong

standalone single,

one to bump as summer

turns to fall,

as the nights grow

a bit colder,

as Jim Swim

and ADE

continue to impress.