Last July, Jim Swim

released the five song

EP In It With You

(which he fully produced).

Following that solo drop,

he released a stream

of five loose (and often

collaborative) tracks.

Now, one year later,

Swim returns with yet another

cohesive EP: Soft and Gold.

Fully produced by beatmaker

Tyler Stück, the EP shows

Swim stepping away

from the boards and focusing

entirely on raps. He delivers

autobiographical, insightful,

dense messages with ease

and honesty over the

sample-driven bumps

and laid back instrumentals.

If you had any doubts

about Swim's lyricism,

all you need to do is press play

on the tongue-twisting

introductory track. Minimal

and chill, scraping along

like crackling vinyl,

the bar-heavy project

maneuvers like wind

beneath a cloudy sky.

Hazy and complete

with original art from

Jack Olevitch, this EP

by Swim and Stück

is a worthy companion

to guide you through

the summer. Late night,

driving anywhere, or on

a long walk, just you

and your headphones.