a song series

Steve Lacy

of The Internet

released a six song

rundown known as

Steve Lacy's Demo.

The result is smooth

croon swoosh,


and lost in a different era.

Full of love songs

(and hate songs),

the project defines

an auteuristic style

everyone is running after

this year (I see you,

Froyo Ma, Mulherin, J'Von,

Weird Inside).

And yet,

Steve Lacy

is one of the goats.

He is an established act

stepping out on his own

for the first time

(other than a handful

of stunning solo drops

on SoundCloud).

'Ryd' should be

in a film soundtrack.

“Some” might me worthy

of a classy strip club.

Forgive the ramble,

enjoy these demos.

Finally send out

that love note.