Multimedia artist Sinclair is a prolific abstractionist. He splits his creative time between illustrations, giant paintings, designing bracelets, and writing poetry. With over 220 minimalistic portraits, a batch of sold out pins, a clothing line, and some recent music covers for CHEBAKA, I decided to reach out to the Chicago-based artist and talk about blind contour, deadlines, goals, and moccasin slippers. 

How has 2018 been treating you?

2018 has been pretty good. Fell in love, began painting, and decided I'm pursuing art full time instead of school.

Your pieces are minimalistic and abstract. Are these often done with just one line? Do you practice blind contour techniques?

I used to only do pieces without lifting my pen, and it all started by doing blind contours, but now my style has developed and I don't limit myself to just that. All of the lines still connect in some way though.

Can you speak on your blank page art, or the pea + carrot?

The blank pages or the "What do U see?" tweet took on its own persona. I didn't know what to expect but everyone ended up having their own interpretation of it. It's up to 3 million engagements now. I'm glad my pieces can connect with people like that. It's hard to describe the pieces like peas and carrots, or mac n cheese and lettuce, it's really up to the people to interpret them. 

How long does a typical piece take you?

Depends on what medium I'm using and the size. My drawings are very spontaneous, so are my paintings but paintings take longer because it's a constant process of adding more and different colors.


Do you create every day or does it come in waves?

I create everyday. Creativity flows out of me like a river, but some days it'll be poetry or music, not only the drawings or paintings. I paint everyday if I have time, and now that I'm done with school I'll be painting everyday. My style comes in waves though, it'll just randomly change and I like seeing it develop.

You're Chicago based, right? How do you view the art scene in Chicago? Do you feel a connection to fellow creatives?

I've been in school forever so I haven't been able to truly connect with the art world in Chicago like I want to. Now that I have time I can't wait to immerse myself in it.

What are you currently working on? Sticking with singular pieces or focusing on something larger?

I'm working on finishing 50 paintings by August, but currently I'm working on a 3 by 4 foot commissioned canvas. I usually have a couple canvases I'm working on and will bounce between them during a painting session.

What are some studio essentials?

I'll always have my guitar with me in my studio, I'll sit down and play while I analyze the piece I'm working on. Other than that, it's water, paint, brushes, a bowl of water for my used brushes and my moccasin slippers.


Outside of your own art, what have you been enjoying recently?

I've really been enjoying the outdoors now that the weather is warming up. I'm also writing a screenplay for a film, it's been really fun building the story and making up scenes.

Do you have any advice for artists working on their craft?

My best advice is to go with the flow. There are no rules to art, it's an expression of yourself, so never think you have to create a certain way. Create how you feel and don't stop.

Do you have any final thoughts / words of wisdom? Thanks! 

Words of wisdom: you'll never regret being kind, love more think less, drink more water, and focus on clearing your mind. A healthy mindset is important in a world full of change and challenges.