little man.jpg
I’m into it, you’re out of it.

Safari Al is best

classified as

a DIY warlord.

He is a Ruby Yacht

captain and a

sawdust carpenter.

The Wisconsin

time traveler

turns his stage

into a canvas

and crafts

a visual performance.

I saw him in Chicago

the other week

at The Hideout

and he freeformed

a beat set

while reading

his poems

and spitting

his bars.

All he needed

was a cape

and some paint.

While he concluded

his tour with Milo last week,

he continues to be heard

through my speakers.

In particular, his newest

release, Little Man,

You've Had a Busy Day.

It is a sixteen track

abstract sculpture disguised

as sounds. It's hip-hop,

it's poetry, it's some

of the dustiest loops

you'll hit as you paddle

your canoe closer and closer

to the blood moon.

Play each track sixteen times

and notice how you bloom.