I watched Redline.

It took me about

five viewings to get through

the 2009 anime.

Not that it was particularly bad,

nor was it particularly great,

but I'd always try to watch

in the wee hours of the morning

or in the middle of a busy day.

Redline tells the tale of a race

to end all races.

A track on another planet

without any rules,

where death is within reach

and the gold is nearly

impossible to grasp.

The film follows

the underdog JP

as he prepares

for the big race.

Without giving any spoilers,

the movie didn't do much for me.

It was a bit straight forward,

like Speed Racer without any depth,

like if Hydro Thunder

was turned into an anime.

A blast visually, sure,

hence the screenshots throughout,

but the story never grabbed

my full attention.

I was a mile away,

drooling at the animation,

but feeling no attachment

to any of the characters.

This beaut might be better

left on mute.