Palindromes is a collection of piano pieces with electronic accompaniment which is dark, brooding, ambient, and all-encompassing. A personal reflection of the state our country is in today.

The later the hour,

the more ambient the music.

Calming, relaxed

tracks that help me

fade into dreamland.

Such is the case

for the time of day

I first found myself

listening to Tyson Swindell's

full-length Palindromes.

With all of the titles

being, in fact, palindromes

("Mr. Owl Ate a Metal Worm"),

the five song project

feels like a playful

and confusion experiment

with the howling moonlight.

It's an insomniac's diary,

coated in darkness,

trying to find answers

to so many whispered questions.

Take a jump inside

and form your own vision.