I literally made it on the road. I didn’t write it before, I didn’t prepare it. I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America.

It's almost Gorillaz season. Did you read that article that said how the album is finished and the band is currently rehearsing for tour? This summer is about to be wild. In all seriousness, the only way you'll find me at Lollapalooza this year is if Gorillaz is a headlining act.

Regardless, while Gorillaz did give us a mix on SoundCloud (shouts out Noodle), it's also important to remember their last album: not Plastic Beach, but The Fall. Crafted on Damon Albarn's iPad as he toured around the United States in support of Plastic Beach, the album is a testament to his time in America. A different America back in 2010, sure, but still America. It's certainly more experimental and quickly done than other Gorillaz albums, as he released it on Christmas before returning home from tour. That being said, it's still a Gorillaz album nonetheless, and one that's worth revisiting. Residing in Chicago, it makes me happy to hear “Shy Town”, but I think the best song on this album is “Revolving Doors”. Or maybe “Amarillo”. Yeah, “Amarillo”.