Cosmic pals

Nancy and Tombo

cried together

in the international

space station

as they made

a split single EP.

First is Nancy's

74 second

hazed out

sad and cloudy

head trip stuck

up in the clouds.

It comes and goes

like a bullet train

stuffed with loud.

Nancy's track flows

perfectly into Tombo's

“Marvelous Persona”

which also clocks in

under two minutes.

Produced by Nancy,

it's an emotional

doozy, shouting

Sew me up like fabric,

stretched out

I'm your canvas.

Expect many many

more of these collabs

in the very near future.

If you need more

from these space

cadets, they have

a bundle of tracks

from the past

that you should

be sure to dive

into right this

very instant.


with some

headphones, alone

in a dark room.