More Tombo.

More Nancy.

More Tombo.

More Nancy.

Spaced out

emo clouds

courtesy of two

of the Midwest's

finest underground

sad soul assailants.

This three song

EP is properly known

as the rose from the sea

to the door.

It's an iced

wave in Lake

Michigan. It's

a cigarette butt

floating on Chicago foam

to a lighthouse

near the plastic factories

of Gary, Indiana.

This is a fine

follow-up to Nancy

and Tombo's collaborative

split single,

I won't be back

here though we may

meet again,

which I covered

last month.

Expect more of these

in the future,

and perhaps,

maybe hopefully

a 10:00 EP?

Call your local

congressmen and let

them know

you need more

Nancy + Tombo.