Over the course

of the last couple

of months,

New Zealand artist

Maxwell Young

has released

a string of singles

in preparation

for his upcoming

project, Daydreamer. First,

he released the track

You,” a relaxed track

that he considers

a throwaway but

one I consider

a keeper,

a quiet lullaby.

Then Maxwell released

the acoustic track

“to the moon”

which sounds so great

in this cold weather.

While those two

tracks from last

month were loose singles,

Maxwell Young then went on

to release the lead single

“Midnight” for his upcoming

album. The track

features Clairo

and is such an enchanting

acoustic duet.

Acting as his

second single

for Daydreamer,

Maxwell Young

went on to release

“Bianca”, a fast-paced

lovesick ditty.

One that would fit

in a commercial

or romantic comedy.

Four for four

from Young

in the last month

and change.

Look out

for Daydreamer

sooner than later.