Producer Letmode

(fka Cory Grindberg)

released an EP

in the summer

of 2017 known

as Uma. Featuring

a dog on the cover,

it was his first

solo project.

Now, a bit over

one year later

and he delivers

with Dem.

Again with a dog

on the cover

(will this be

an ongoing theme?),

Dem showcases

the intricate styles

of a producer

with a brain like

a robotic carnival

of caffeine and bounce.

Opening and closing

with ‘Theta Waves’

and ‘Beta Waves’

(the songs used

to opener and close

our Sleep series),

the EP flies

in all directions

in between. It’s an

electrified energy drink,

like chewing

a disco ball

and spitting up

the bright pieces.

It’s a goddamned

bloody party.