When the twilight comes
all goes ‘round again

Certain songs

that exceed seven minutes

need to be discussed

on their own.


Frank Ocean's "Pyramids",

DeVotchKa's "How It Ends",

Via Rosa's "I'll Be There

to Move in on Your Body".

Every Pink Floyd song.

I would include

Bruce Springsteen's

"Racing in the Street",

but it's only 6:55.

Anyway, while it was released

almost three years ago,

Damon Albarn's song

"You & Me"

is worthy of being discussed


Off of his debut solo

album Everyday Robots

from 2014

(although he had about

20 projects under his belt

by that time),

the 7:05 song

is a sweeping number

with help from Brian Eno.

It couldn't be more fitting

for these gloomy

January Chicago skies.

Here's to hearing some new

Damon Albarn in 2017,

most likely in the form

of new Gorillaz.

You can enjoy the Noodle

mix above.