Atlanta production legends

DJ Burn One

+ The Five Points Bakery

remain some of the most

committed, prolific, and genuine

in the game. 

From working with them


on their album

Who Killed the Last Dragon? 

to obsessing over their

slept-on yoga album

Burn One, 

Go! Ricky Go! 

and Walt Live

continue to be  some

of my favorite

talents to follow.

Most recently, they

ran a Rhythm Roulette

edition with Mass Appeal,

snagging vinyl

from Japanese punk

to Italian funk

to Australian metal.

Rather than simply

chopping it up

and adding bass,

they also add guitar,

saxophone, bottle clacks,

vocals, and keys.

These guys rule.

You can listen

to the mastered version

right here, and you

can also

peep Burn One's

MoMA mix

from this past summer

down below.