I haven't covered

any hard hitting

hip-hop in quite some time,

so it's only right

that I set my website on fire

with FullyAutomaticDrayco

aka Drayco McCoy's

newest mixtape

Drayco McGrady.

At twelve tracks,

the high intensity rap

album is perfect for a sweaty

mosh pit in Indianapolis,

which is damn near

the birthplace

of these dozen heaters.

Despite the high energy,

the back to back tracks

"Make It Flip"

and "All I Do is Pray Pt. 2"

are incredibly dreamy,

reminding me of 2012

cloud rap.

Look out for much more

from Drayco

in the coming months

as he breaks out

of the Hoosier State

and rampages through

the States. 

No one is safe.