All images from

All images from

Visually stunning

is a phrase that comes to mind

as soon as you click

to enter the site

Paper Darts.

Splitting their content

between Lit and Art,

both options will take you

on journeys uncharted,

unexplored, unseen.

From incredible visual artists

to powerful short

stories and poetry,

the Minnesota publication

is a great website

to browse if you need

inspiration, imagination,

or new forms of creativity.

Article source:  Rafael Varona

Article source: Rafael Varona

As you can see

from the content throughout

this page,

visiting Paper Darts

will have you drooling

in no time.

Included here are the three

most recent visual artists

that Paper Darts has covered

Aquatic, mystical gifs


with skulls

and watercolor swirls.

Article source:  Kaye Blegvad

Article source: Kaye Blegvad

Explore here, 

and if you like what you see,

be sure to head

to their official site

(located right here)

for riveting short stories

(like Gerd, the Girl

with Too Many Arms)

and see where

the wormhole spits

you out.

Article source:  Sarah Evenson

Article source: Sarah Evenson