In 2014, a young

Minnesota artist

released a project

under the name Lil Spook,

an EP under the name

Spooky Black,

a project as part

of the quartet The Stand4rd,

and ended the year by

releasing a single

known as “Worn”

where he announced that

he now goes by Corbin.

Hell of a year.

Almost three years

have passed since

the release of “Worn”,

which was produced

by Shlohmo and D33J.

Now, the vocalist Corbin

and the duo

of multifaceted producers

have come together

to release the 41

minute album Mourn.

Blending elements of industrial

with emo with baroque pop

with electronica and even metal,

it's a melting pot of angered

sounds, both aggressive

and damaged.

It's a heartbreak album

that I'm sure

will sound even better

in the dead of winter.