I listen to

Blockhead's discography

like a long

movie I never

want to end.

An instrumental

journey of dilated

pupils, truly

untouchable grooves,

and orchestrated


Like going

to the circus

with a pocket

full of kaleidoscopes.

While he has fully

produced for numerous

vocalists (Billy Woods

and Aesop Rock),

Blockhead's newest

album, his seventh,

is his first

solo release

to feature

guest vocalists.

While almost half

of the album

remains instrumental,

Free Sweatpants also

features Tree, Vic Spencer

(the two of whom

released a collaborative

album at the top

of this year),

Open Mike Eagle,

Aesop Rock, Homeboy

Sandman, Armand Hammer,

Hemlock Ernst,

and various others.

It's been out

in the world

for about three

months and I hope

you've already

listened as many

times as I have.