It's 2017

and I'm still listening

to new music (for me)

that was released

back in 2016.

Such is the case

for the debut EP

by New York duo

The Shacks.

Their self-titled

seven song project

(with two bonus tracks)

was released through

Big Crown Records,

a label founded by Leon Michels

of El Michels Affair,

who was mentioned on the blog

the other week in regards

in regards to a return

to the Wu.

Perhaps in a similar world

of retro soul and organ-friendly

vintage pop,

The Shacks

fit nicely within this collective,

sounding like a daydream

in a dimly lit garage.

Their EP appears born

in a different era, whispering lullabies,

yet still rough

around the edges,

like a cigarette burn

on a sundress. 

The story goes that Max Shrager brought Shannon Wise to the studio. Max was playing guitar on a track produced by Leon Michels — the producer and co-founder of Big Crown Records — and Michels needed a vocalist. They put Shannon in the booth to try it out. It was her first time ever recording. Then, in one take, the song “Strange Boy” had a singer who completed the vibe. The Shacks were born.