On Christmas Eve, we released an interview with prolific New York artist Michael Alan aka Michael Alan Alien. In less than a month since running that article, he's posted dozens of pieces of art, announced a limited run book (of 50), and is scheduling a draw-a-thon at his studio. Running from 7:00pm tomorrow night until the wee hours of Sunday morning, it's nothing new for the abstract artist; it's something that's been happening in Alan's studio for fifteen years, and will continue happening. Read the Q+A about the event series below, and if you're interested (or can't make it), be sure to reach out. It's open to the public and will change your life. 

You've been doing this for 15 years. How did it begin?

I started in in 2003, I started it because NY art was dull. The downtown edge was gone or you can go to a bar, or a party. No one had any fun drawing groups around. Peter Hristoff was the real deal drawing group but that was in SVA. He is great! It is so hard to get people together without drugs or drinks to create on a large scale with no agenda or "gallery". It was me and Diana Gurfel and graffiti artist Odin (RIP). It came from the idea of graffiti artists getting together to paint and then why is figure drawing so expensive and not fun? So let's make it fun, long and do it up! I didn't expect to do more than one. Really there was nothing like it at the time, and no one wanted to do it. I always loved getting people together to create.

How has it grown over the years?

It changed from the start of dramatic drawing into live happenings and now going back to the roots.

What do you have planned for Saturday?

My goal is to bring back these seven hour warm drawing marathons slowly, weekly at the studio. I cleared the space out, set up great light and have been working on a sister theme! No breaks and a fun, free environment.

What's the atmosphere like?

The space is warm and filled with my drawings. High ceilings, has wooden floors, and really worked in but still clean and ready for creatiom. There are drawings from childhood to now. Turntables for sound. Many great records. Handmade masks wall to wall.

Does everyone bring their own art supplies and canvases?

Yes, everyone should bring their own stuff, but nothing too big. It's a drawing event not a move-in date.

Do you see yourself doing this for years to come?

I will draw every day, every night, and always try and get people to make art with me or in their own home. That's the person I am.