A short unscientific story about evolution and his consequences.
— Blu

My roommate Jaro

sends me a bunch

of links to websites.

More than the number

that you just formed

in your head.

While a few of the links

are too wild

for me to enjoy,

others really hit the spot.

Such is the case

for a 2010

stop motion

graffiti short

created by Blu.

The ten minute

video is known as

Big Bang Big Boom

and turns the world

into artist Blu's canvas

where he examines

everything from the big boom

to dinosaurs to the rise

and fall of man.

Watch the whole video

at the top or enjoy

the gif above

if you need convincing.

For more from Blu,

be sure to check out

excerpts from his sketchbooks

from his website down below.