Producer / videographer /


Weird Inside

had his car broken into

recently and lost

his unreleased album

as well as his laptop

and his hard drive.

While he's blessed us

with the three demos

of would become Pulp,

he also needs help

getting back on his feet.

As one of the more original

and forward-thinking

producers and animators right now,

it's only right that we assist

any way that we can.

"On a trip to San Francisco, my friend and I had all of our gear stolen from our car, which was broken into - in addition to the equipment, we lost all of our data. This was vital for both of us, as I had an album that I was nearly finished working on (along with the supplemental materials for it) and he had all of the footage from our trip and more. We also no longer have the laptops that we create our media on, and these are the remnants of the songs that I had from the album, which I had exported and sent to people prior to the break in. We started a GoFundMe to get our equipment back, and would appreciate all the help that we can get!"