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There’s rattlesnakes and there’s bad guys and they’re all trying to steal your gold / I’ve got mine locked up all deep in my bones


just let loose

his newest single,

“Traveler”, which acts

as the lead

single to his

upcoming EP,

Playful Enemy,

expected to drop

on August 13.

Prior to its release,

“Traveler” was the song

that L. Martin's mom

always asked him about

so know that

it comes correct

with a proper co-sign.

Listen above

to the guitar-driven

road anthem

and watch out

for the EP next month.

If you need

even more from

L. Martin, be sure

to check out his

music video for

“Skipping Rocks”

(posted below) from

earlier this year,

where he plays

eight different

characters. Right on.