Art: Kikkujo

At the beginning

of December,

Helsinki producer Tomppabeats

released the full-length

follow-up to 2016's

Harbor LP.

The fresh sixteen track

Arcade LP

is a lo-fi beat journey

dancing in a lounge bar

full of video games,

dangling a cigarette.

Halfway through the project,

producer Ohwell stops by

and never leaves, assisting

with the back end

of the relaxed album.

This collaboration

makes Arcade feel like

two mini projects,

a formula the fits perfectly

for transferring to vinyl

and cassette. Even track eight,

the halfway point,

is a song with Rei Brown

known as “Goodbye.”

That lush track feels like

the end of chapter one.

Play it on repeat

for fifteen days

and be emotionally ready

to visit the second half

of this short and sweet album.

With most tracks clocking in

at under two minutes,

no instrumental stays around

for long, and the project

never bores or loses steam.

In fact, it's a moving forward

beast. Every time

I've heard it, I've always found

that it ends too quickly,

coming and going

with great speed.

This only convinces

myself rather quickly

to press play and start

the 24 minute journey

all over again,

one flip at a time.