Have you ever fallen in love in a dream?

I'm not sure

of the reason

but earlier this week

Helsinki, Finland

producer Tomppabeats

had his SoundCloud

account taken down.

Rather than wave the white flag

in surrender, he looked at it

as a cleansing of the palette,

a way to start from scratch.

After all,

his discography is still

available on Bandcamp.

With four new songs

and a new mix in the last

three days, he's off

to a great start.

While his two

new instrumentals

are also worth enjoying,

I wanted to focus

on his Beep Boop mix,

a 20 minute

offering of some of

Tomppabeats' favorite tracks,


Shlohmo, Mr. Carmack,

Knxweldge, Froyo Ma,

Submerse, and more.

It's a great mix to start

your winter weekend.

Hopefully you've already

pressed play.

The art by

Vicky Alvarez

does nothing but enhance

the already strong music.

You can find more

of her pieces here.