To define producer Sesh

in one word:


The Michigan-based


has unleashed a massive

amount of music

in the last few

weeks / months.

In the last five days,

for example,

he's released three

new songs on three

different platforms.

Here's the rundown.

sesh - "Young Blood"

Released through

Young Heavy Souls,

a label out of Detroit,

this single is a sweeping,

bouncing track with vocals

from Jenna Proffitt

and Rene Vesey.

If you need more

Young Heavy Souls,

be sure to check out

their EP

with producer Epicure.

sesh - "Goodwill"

Relaxing in some ambiance,

Sesh crafts some downtempo

for collective Easca.

The track is called


and it is a song

that is dedicated

to Robin Williams.

It was constructed

and released

after Sesh spent time

listening heavily

to Harris Cole.

As always,

RIP Robin Williams.

sesh - "Silk Road"

Lastly, we have

a song from Sesh

called "Silk Road".

Released through

Phuture Collective,

it includes a feature

interview which you can

read right here.

The song is

a lighthearted groover

perfect for rounding out

this Sesh update.