I haven't known about multimedia artist Phib for very long, but in the time that I've been paying attention, I've been drooling and grinning at the prolific outpouring of art. Hypnotic surrealism "specializing in the weird," as he puts it. On top of producing music (with numerous projects on the way), the Minnesota creative crafts stunning collages from old magazines. Turning vintage landscapes into futuristic dreamlands where anything is possible. The moon can be close enough to touch and flowers can be seen blossoming atop snowcaps. Phib's work was first featured here as part of the Ongoing Art Gallery, and today brings forth something truly special: a full-spread interview complete with exclusive, unreleased collages. All six of the pieces featured throughout this page are never-before-seen collages, hand cut in the Midwest. Enjoy the gallery throughout, enjoy the Q+A, and enjoy more from Phib with the links below. 

What's the process like for collage making?

I pop on a vinyl or some album off YouTube i've never listened to before. Hopefully the music matches whatever mood I am in, and propels me into collaging productivity. If propelled into collaging productivity, I adoringly stare at my excessive stacks of materials I have accumulated and try to find the piece that resonates with me most at that moment. After that, it's kind of a toss up. I almost always start with a single piece, whether it's a foreground, background, or a cutout. After that, it's all about matching the right pieces, which is a beautifully tedious process. 

Do you snag these from vintage magazines?

Yeah, I have a boatload of National Geographics, Time, Life, and various other old books about space, nature, photography, etc.

How long does any single piece take you?

Really depends. Sometimes the materials are calling me and I can make four a night. Other nights I'll spend four hours and end up with two shitty drafts. Or I'll make a great collage in 30 minutes, then spend three hours trying to grudgingly work a sub-par collage together. It's all about whether the collages are calling. 

Outside of visual art, you also produce, right? Which have you been involved with longer?

Yeah, I've been producing music for almost four years now. I think. I can't keep track. But I've been doing handmade collages for only just over a year. Although I can't say I wasn't interested in them, as well as making digital collages for about two years before that. 

Is it hard to appease both creative outlets?

Noooooo, I think It's perfect. As of right now, I am more productive and creative than ever, and it's absolutely a byproduct of being able to find a release in two different mediums. I found myself depleting my creativity at times and would focus too much energy towards channeling it. Having two different mediums has cleared so much of that up. I recommend. 5 stars.

What's the art scene like where you reside?

I don't know [laughs]. I know of the Minnesota music scene very well but I'm excited to get more involved with the art scene coming up. 

What's the rest of the year looking like for you?

I can guarantee two albums. One with my friend and great producer Blamsiss. And another with the world famous WNDRLND Aka Vante the Hippie. A solo EP from me about this spaceship I'm building. Videos, and other musical ventures. Hopefully make prints of my collages, as well as get the originals into a gallery. Also, I have at least 25 unreleased collages right now. So I got a lot of stuff to share. 

Any final words of wisdom / deep thoughts?

Hmmm. oh yeah. "Stop worrying about the future it doesn't even exist."

I'd also like to thank Boxed Water, RedBull, and Gosling's Ginger Beer for all their support, products, and money.