Chicago MC


is refreshingly honest

and impressively sharp

on her five song EP


On the first track,

"Circa '09",

for example,

she begins by mentioning

struggles to pay rent

while living in a

renovated basement

and follows with

"Dyke since grade 6,

dyke since age 6."

The Parental Advisory

stamp on the cover

is necessary,

but the stories

she paints are real,

raw, sincere, aggressive,

and constantly vivid.

The 53 second


"Exposure Ennerlude"

is especially noteworthy.

It's a refreshing voice

to hear on this first

day of winter,

even though she dropped

it on the last day

of fall.

If you need more

from Lin-Z,

be sure to check out

Set It Off,

an all female cypher

from earlier this year.