Imbaru is a musical project inspired on the countryside and the nature, which mixes neofolk elements with classical, minimalist and Ambient music.

Imbaru is a dewdrop

forest spearheaded

by musician and composer

Caminante Silencioso.

Handling every instrument,

the relaxed and tranquil

instrumentals split between

piano and guitar, dancing

with the Chilean mountains

and the coastal shores.

Imbaru is a foggy morning

with a fresh cup

of coffee and no electricity

in sight. Imbaru

is a state of mind, somewhere

to go when you need

a moment to breathe,

to count the stars

up in the sky,

to count the colors

of today's sunrise.

With eight albums

released in the last

six years, including

the most recent

Trukur from back

in July, Imbaru

is crafting a discography

worthy of an evening

of reflection and creativity,

a series of songs that spark

imagination and send you

far away, on the other side

of the world where all

of these songs were recorded.

Imbaru is a pantheistic and mystical attempt to recreate every shade of light wandering the meadows, hills and bleak ravines by borrowing the melodies, sounds and silence proper of rural lands.