A little over

ten years ago,

Keith Kenniff

released his second

project under Helios.

The album is known as


and remains one of my favorite

bedtime albums.

I recently revisited

this 2006 project

and I fell asleep

with a smile on my face.

It's an ambient and sleepy

love story coated

in seashore waves

and cozy sweaters.

From "Bless This Morning Year"

all the way through to


and everything in between

(I see you,

"Paper Tiger"),

Eingya is something to play

well into February.

You can purchase

a rare hard copy

here for $42 or higher,

or you can stream

all 52 minutes above.

Be sure to check out

Helios' other albums,

including 2008's Caesura above

and 2016's Remembrance.

The art comes courtesy

of Matthew Woodson,

whose gallery you can

enjoy below.