A platform to share positive news and wonderful people.

The Happy Newspaper:

a colorful reminder

that the whole world

isn't going completely to shit.

Creator Emily Coxhead

founded the periodical

to showcase good people

doing great things.

Like making jumpers

to keep elephants warm,

like double hand transplants,

like a column about

everyday heroes.

The paper even covers

a 400-year-old shark.

It's a jolly affair

to flip through,

something to help you

when you need it most,

something to keep you

smiling wide.

The most recent issue

(Issue No. 6)

was released at the beginning

of July and you can

grab every issue right here.

For more art and happiness

from Emily Coxhead,

be sure to pay a visit

to her site,

which is full of wonder

(and info on her

upcoming book).