The work of UK

duo Snowpoet

has been soothing

my soul since 2015.

Blending ambient

soundscapes with poetic

narratives and harmonies,

the music is a combination

of ambient mixed

with classical and a sprinkle

of folkloric mysticism

for good measure.

After releasing their

debut album

in 2016 and

a solo EP

from producer Chris Hyson

late last year

(on his birthday;

I always like when

artists do that),

the duo returned

for the full-length

Thought You Knew.

The ten song album

is a walk through

winter, an umbrella

in a storm, a crackling

fireplace. Something

to warm you up

when it's cold, and chill

you out when it's hot.

Hopefully they'll make

it across the pond

to Chicago soon enough.