EarthGang released

the impressive album

Strays With Rabies

at the end of 2015;

in the last

two years,

the Atlanta duo has

been building

their brand

and expanding their sound

through compilations

and collaborations.

As part of five-piece

collective Spillage Village,

they assisted with the project

Bears Like This Too Much.

Acting as a single

for that collective album,

they then released

the music video

for the track “Voodoo”,

which was followed

shortly after “D/vision”,

a feature

on J.I.D.'s quality album,

The Never Story.

Once these two

saw the light of day,

EarthGang let loose

the summer single "Mary".

As both the duo (EarthGang)

and the solo artist (J.I.D.)

are part of Spillage Village,

it makes sense

that they both

recently signed

to Dreamville.

The chemistry between

the three artists is undeniable.

They have at least

ten songs together

as an unofficial trio.

Tracks like “Willow Tree”

and “Can't Call It”

and “Ten Ten”

and “Momma Told Me”

(the song that first

put me on to all three).

Are you keeping up

with all of this heat?

Now, most recently,

Earthgang released

their five song EP,

Rags, which opens

with “Meditate”,

a track featuring J.I.D.

I instantly got out

of my seat

and broke a window

in my apartment

by bouncing around.

The EP holds up

throughout and especially

shines with the hypnotic

“Red Light” and funky

closer “House”,

which features Chicagoan

Mick Jenkins.

These three, both

EarthGang and J.I.D.

are quickly becoming

my favorite rappers

in the game,

and all of the links

throughout this article

should convince you

of the same.