It should come

as no surprise

that my favorite film

is the 2003 animated movie

The Triplets of Belleville.

Directed by French filmmaker

Sylvain Chomet,

it encapsulates everything

I look for in a film:

magic, imagination, surrealism,

and subtle doses of comedy.

In 2013, Chomet

stepped out of his animation

comfort zone

and released his first

live action film

Attila Marcel.

While it is a bit more

shrouded in reality,

it is still full of elements

of surrealism and playful magic,

taking place almost entirely

in a quirky apartment

full of personalities.

For example,

our mute protagonist

is raised by twin sisters

who finish each other's

sentences (and freeze reality),

while a blind man

and a spiritual woman

open up new worlds.

It's an emotionally

loaded film

full of heart flutters

and tear jerkers,

one best paired

with a bottle of wine

and an open mind.