I was first introduced

to poet Anaïs Duplan

earlier this year

through the ongoing interview

series on Divedapper

After soaking in

that insightful conversation,

I grabbed their chapbook,

Take This Stallion,

which was released

in the spring

of last year.

I was instantly floored

by the strong voice

and surreal lyricism

found throughout.

Showing no signs

of slowing down

following their heroic

debut collection,

and with plenty

of gems sprinkled throughout,

Duplan is already back

with their newest

poetry collection,

the 2017 chapbook

Mount Carmel & the

Blood of Parnassus.


Released back

in September through

Bloomington, Indiana's

Monster House,

the open diary

of familial struggles

is told in equal

parts aggression,

sharp lucidity,

and hallucinatory revelation.

In 'I Find Myself Exhausting,'

they refer to someone as

“a version of me

without the shot wounds.”

Switching the page color

from black to white,

from boxed poetry to freeverse,

from love songs to tearful dreams,

this is a whirlwind

of a collection

that will make you feel,

make you reflect,

make you revisit,

and then make you feel

all over again.

Duplan is two for two.

Grab them both here.

back cover.jpg