Back in early 2015,

the documentary

Call Me Lucky

was released.

While I haven't

seen this film,

it was brought

to my attention

yesterday that

Charlyne Yi

handled the score,

now made available

for free

on her Bandcamp.

I've been listening

these last couple

days as the music

has assisted me

with my writing.

From guitars and oohs

to clarinets, pianos,

and ambient tones,

this is a batch

of a dozen instrumentals

I'll be enjoying

for months and years

to come. "Borrowed Sorrow"

and "Dust in the Sun"

are particular gems. If you need

more from the multi-talented

artist Yi (whose paintings

are featured above),

be sure to check out

much more music

in her cave, as well as

her book, which I covered

back in November.