Walkingshoe can't sleep

and you shouldn't either.

The multifaceted musician

first grabbed my attention

with intricate instrumental

hip-hop experiences

Shout-out Cosmonostro.

While he's worked with

artists like Towkio,

ShowYouSuck, Qari, Rich Jones,

Beach Jesus, The WHOevers,

and more, he's also

branching out on his own.

Walkingshoe has been

spending 2016 focused

on his indie rock

folk pop records.

We first caught a taste

with "Deal With You"

and "Pancho and Lefty".

Songs that need to be

in car commercials.

First, we heard

"Can't Sleep",

then he made

"All the Wrong Places"

available for free

on his Bandcamp.

Both will be on his

upcoming EP, Hennie and Me.

He described the project as such:

Right now I’m aiming to make some songs that get stuck in your head. I’m the guy that plays random songs on a guitar at a party, and right now I’m not putting any rules on how my music should or shouldn’t sound. This music plain and simple is just “me” without any sort of borders on who I should or shouldn’t sound like.
— Walkingshoe