Don Hertzfeldt

is a writer, director,

producer, animator,

editor, and author.

Best known

for a series

of short films

and the wildest

Simpsons opening ever,

he has also released

a (now out of print)

book called

The End of the World.

I watched his short

World of Tomorrow

on Netflix

last month

and it left

my jaw on the floor.

A unique crafted,


and philosophical

piece, I had to rewind

the seventeen minutes

and watch a second time.

Following that short

(I know, I have a handful

of others to watch),

I requested his book

The End of the World

at the library.

While the book

is currently out of print,

the “graphic novel”

is worth seeking out.

Featuring storyboard

ideas and scraps

of post-apocalyptic content,

the book flies through

Hertzfeldt's imaginative

stream of consciousness.

Some pages are one-off

visions while others connect

for a handful of panels.

Including pieces

from World of Tomorrow

as well as plenty

that was new to me.

The 216 page book

is a breeze to fly through,

and something that will open

your eyes a little bit more

than whatever it is

you were previously

reading or watching.