In the chapbook

The Bone Trees,

poet Shane Lake

introduces a moving

and wild addition

to Story Time.

Equal parts fever dream

and small town anomaly,

this American

countryside tale feels

like a timeless fable

that could take place

inside of any decade.

It fits within

any city

down the way,

past the quiet windmills

and the dead cornfields,

right down

the street

from where

a toothless grandfather

watches over

the only gas

station for miles.


Shane Lake's seven

part poem was released

as a free PDF

through Boaat Press

and comes complete

with illustrations

from Meara Louise.

With black and white art

as well as a tale

ending (and a tail end) 

in the dead of winter,

it's a perfect time

to crack this book open

and read before drifting

into your January slumber.

Your dreams will

thank you.