Chances With Wolves is not a Radio Show. It’s a state of mind.

Back when I was visiting

and working out of

the MishkaNYC offices,

one of the designers

was playing something

smooth streaming

from his computer.

He told me it was

Chances with Wolves,

a weekly station

that unleashes two hours

mixes with some of the finest,

most obscure and rare

elements of jazz, funk,

soul, R&B, psychedelia,

and everything in between.

He also said,

and I'm not sure

if this is true,

but Chances with Wolves

has been known

to never play

the same song twice.

Most recently, they paid

tribute to Nina Simone

with two hours of her tunes.

As they slowly and steadily

approach episode 400,

be sure to press play

and continue listening

to some of that smooth

goodness. You'll be

more productive

than ever.

Chances With Wolves:

where every day is Sunday morning.