Kalamazoo, Michigan

producer Alone Time

is one to bookmark

whenever you need

a relaxed song

to help you unwind

at the end of a hectic day.

Featuring a handful

of impressive instrumentals,

his SoundCloud page

works best if played

in the late hours of a day.

When your eyes are heavy

and anything is possible.

I don't know what movie

the song above samples,

but it's John Lithgow

talking about smoking cigarettes

with enchanting instrumentation

weaving throughout

the entertaining narrative.

If you couldn't already

tell, the artwork,

which I assume

Alone Time

does on his own,

maintains cohesion

that allows each song

to feel like part

of the same world.

To press play

is to enter

the dimension

of Alone Time.

Shout-out to Sesh

for putting me on

to this blossoming talent

not far down the street

from my Chicago apartment.