Early last year,

in proper Squadda B fashion,

the Green Ova rapper

unleashed 50

rare and unreleased songs

on his YouTube account.

From harmonious hooks

to based freestyles,

the whole collection

is something I've needed

multiple days/weeks/months

to fully ingest.

The plethora of tracks

seemed to have

stemmed from

Squadda's single

“And I Swear”

alongside San Jose, CA

producer FITH,

which you can find

up above,

and which was later

released on Valentine's Day

as part of the

My Greenova Valentine EP.

Around the same

time of this massive

music dump,

Green Ova

also compiled

the ten track

Green Ova's

Greatest Hits,

featuring work

from Main Attrakionz,

Dope G,

and Shady Blaze.

If you need

even more from Squadda

(trust me, you do),

be sure to check out

his project with Pepperboy

and Young God

(of Blue Sky Black Death)

which Mishka Records

released last year

and Candy Drips

helped to release

on limited cassette.

Don't sleep on one half

of the best duo ever.