Twin brothers

Parker and Marshall

make up the duo Mulherin

where they write, produce,

and record their own tracks.

Blending R&B with pop

and soul, the two

recently let loose

two new singles,

both of which

deserve attention.

First, Mulherin released

the single "All to Myself"

which came complete

with a stripped down

and serene music video.

The song is a guitar-driven

lullaby, an ode to love.

"We can go to space one day,

escape the gravity."

The duo followed it up

with the single "Alone",

a track of loneliness

and longing, a nice contrast

with the earlier single.

Both fitting in cohesion.

Hopefully these two

will be part of something

much greater.

For now, Mulherin

is two for two

in 2018.