After assisting

with the rise of Chicago

hip-hop in 2016,

Knox Fortune

is honing in on his own

solo material this calendar year.

With production help

from Chicagoan Carter Lang

as well as additional instrumentation

from Macie Stewart, Cam O'bi,

and Colin Croom,

(along with writing credits

from Joey Purp),

Fortune's new single,

"Help Myself"

is a full-fledged

lovesick anthem.

It's three-and-a-half

minutes of Knox Fortune

properly being in the spotlight.

While he's been

behind the boards

for a great deal

of songs by Joey Purp,

Kami, Vic Mensa, Towkio,

as well as on the hook

for Chance's "All Night",

this is the first time

we've seen Knox

as a solo act

since last year's "Seaglass".

If these two tracks

are any indication

of what this multi-talented individual

(he also did the artwork)

is capable of,

I think we're all

in for a treat this year.

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