I’m the fuckin’ answer
I’m the brown panther
I’m Alexander
Got a bus transfer

On November 19, 2016,

Alexander Spit

made an album called

Alive at Virgil Normal.

Fitting title,

given that it was fully

recorded at Virgil Normal

studios in Los Angeles.

In ten hours,

he wrote,

produced, recorded,

mixed, and mastered

a ten song project,

complete with a thirteen

minute documentary.

Alexander Spit

has always been one

of my favorite auteurs

in the hip-hop game,

ever since blessing

the world with the

Mansions instrumental series.

Ever since, I've been

trying to catch his every

move and this move,

Alive at Virgil Normal,

is one of his finest

and most impressive.

Props to him

for being able to craft

an album with guests

and new friends

coming and going.

DIY to its core.

Contributions / distractions / support / involvement were made open to the public without intentions of results or completion. The album was dubbed to 100 cassettes that day and was paired with 1 of 1 hand drawn art by artist, Matt McCormick.