Photo cred: Nosidam.

Creating this album with Na’el has been life changing. It’s unlike anything I thought I’d ever make without feeling forced and unorganic. He made it really easy to open up and tell my tragic Death Via Love stories.
— Via Rosa

What originally began

as a four song project,

the duo DRAMA

has evolved into

an eight song

cohesive gem

between singer

Via Rosa

and producer

Na'el Shehade.

Their anticipated EP


is a broken hearted

Chicago love song

shrouded in dance

music and soul searching.

I hear they're already

working on

their second project.

We've heard three

of these tracks,

but they are now

clumped between

five previously unreleased

numbers. Together they work

to tell a complete

story of love lost

and therapy found

through the art of music.

Jump into

the Gallows

and embrace

the conceptual

lovestruck catastrophes

between two of 

Chicago's finest.

I feel like we both were just dancing around the love gallows, broken hearted while making this tape and it’s kinda our last letters to the loves we thought we couldnt live without.
— Via Rosa