credit:  son.visual

credit: son.visual

Grand Rapids,

Michigan is home

to NoTalent,

a multi-versed

artist splitting

time between

visual art

and an array

of musical

production styles.

It all comes together

on the new seven song

project Little Things.

Sounding nothing

like his work

alongside Blake,

NoTalent's newest album

is more like an 80s

flashback, like retro

futuristic synthwave.

Handling both

vocals and production,

it's full of intimate

and hushed grooves,

adding to yet

another notch

on NoTalent's belt.

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foot note:

the track “Moments”

originally appeared

as an instrumental

on the very first

Sleep compilation

known as

“Before We Could Talk.”

A rare fact.

It's great to see

the track revitalized

with lullaby vocals.