Last night,

I revisited

the noir murder mystery

comedy holiday

mind boggling

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Written and directed

by Shane Black,

who also handled

(amongst others)

The Nice Guys

(which we talked about

the other week),

this film stars

Val Kilmer

and Robert Downey Jr.

and Michelle Monaghan.

What a trio.

Taking place in LA

during the holidays,

multiple stories

intertwine and intersect

and will have you guessing

for a large chunk

of the film.


a missing finger,

pulp novels,

and a high level

of witty banter

all play a role

in this unique film.

Acting as a double feature,

I would highly recommend

watching this film

alongside The Nice Guys

on an evening

fueled by popcorn

and a large amount

of Bailey's

in your coffee.

It's only fitting

for December

cinematic hibernation. 

Oh, all of the art

featured throughout

is from the film's

opening title sequence.

Very cool.