I've watched

The Nice Guys


two times

in the last week.

Written and directed

by Shane Black

(Last Action Hero,

Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3)

and starring

Ryan Gosling

and Russell Crowe,

the film draws

a great deal of comparisons

(in a good way)

to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

(2005), which I often

said was Shane Black's opus.

Now, with The Nice Guys,

that opinion might change.

Similar in tone

i.e. murder, mystery,

sharp-witted comedy,

the two complement each other

very nicely. I couldn't

tell you which of the two

I prefer, but both

are damn fine films. 

I think the cinematography

and color palette is stronger

with The Nice Guys,

but both have near perfect

stories to tell.

Without giving anything

away, the film takes

place in the 1970s

in California, and it revolves

around two private eyes,

one who is drunk

the entire film (Gosling)

and one who is stone

cold sober the whole time

(Crowe). They try

to track down a woman

and rest is left for you

to discover on your own.

Visually stunning,

hilarious, and an entertaining

action packed thrill ride.

If I had three thumbs,

I'd give it three thumbs up.

Shout-out again

to Shane Black

for also writing the screenplay

for The Long Kiss Goodnight

and The Last Boy Scout.

He might be the king

of the action screenplay.