I recently moved

out of my Chicago apartment

and into a new spot

further south.

After living in Roscoe Village

for three years,

I accumulated

a great deal

of books and art pieces

that remained stacked

up against my walls

and inside shelves.


This move allowed me

unearth and revisit

some of my favorites

from my personal collection.

After framing and hanging

three of his prints

in our new spot

(my roommates approve),

I found myself enjoying

Mattias Adolfsson's

three-part book

of notebook sketches

and unique creations.

Known as 

All in Line,

it is 480 pages

of playful madness.


Splitting up the multi-

dimensional worlds

inside his skull

into three books

of robots, dinosaurs,

dreamscapes, and cluttered

sidestreets where anything

can happen, Mattias

Adolfsson has collected

an imaginarium

perfect for your coffee

table or a bathroom


I find myself

handing this book

over to my friends

when they come

over to visit

and they start

talking too much.

You can buy 

your very own copy

right here.